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March 2011 Edito : Fore more transparency...


Since Trading Automatique's birth, we are following, supporting and participating to iniatives aiming at providing individual traders with similar tools as the professional traders. Electronic trading platforms such as Metatrader, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, etc, already  helped to lower the entry barriers to automated trading.

However, an easy access to markets is not the same as a transparent one. Forex is a perfect exemple. New forex brokers, not regulated and perfect scams appear and disappear (if possible with clients' account) every days. Prices shown by these market makers can be totaly opaque... and this is their right because Forex is an OTC market and prices and transactions are not centrally listed.

Even if the OTC nature of the foreign exchange is the same for professional traders, they have access to different liquidity providers such as banks and ECN (for exemple Currenex or Hotspot Fx) and to their respective order book. Until now, to possess such an information was more or less impossible to individual traders.

But this fact is changing thanks to a new service called OrderBookFx launched by Black Light Data, allowing to access forex order book aggregagting several liquidity providers. And even better, these pretty high frequency data regarding individual traders are alreday available in MetaTrader indicators. You can consequently access the quantity of orders existing at each price level, allowing you to identify important support and resistance levels, the bull and bears pressure on the market, etc. This tool is also very useful because you receive very fast updates continuously, in contrary to your market maker broker filtering data.

Consequently, Alpha Novae became official technology service provider partner of OrderBookFx and we will integrate to our clients' indicator and automated this third dimension, a must have for price creaton understanding. Notice that the service is in Beta testing now and data are consequently free. There are no reasons not to try...


This month is very rich in news for Alpha Novae et Trading Automatique. First, Alpha Novae launched his own website. Do not hesitate to visit it and learn about our services, our our internship or job offers.

About partnerships, we became this month officially Third Party Partner of NinjaTrader. This is a great news rewarding the serious of our programming services, that is not linked to only one platform such as MetaTrader. Contrary to most of our competitors, we can advis you the best platform answering your needs, and not the one we are the mor eefficient to work on. For exemple, NinjaTrader, is a platform independant from the broker or the datafeed. You can plug it to most of the brokers and data feed. For exemple you can use NinjaTrader connected to Interactive Broker with a KineTick or Zen-Fire datafeed. You will be able to trade much more products than MetaTrader would allow you.

Speaking about Interactive Broker, this international known broker added us in their "programming consultants" list.

To finish this editorial, I remind to our french speaker visitors that I will present a free webinar (web conference) organized by ActivTrades, on the 30th of march, at 7 pm London Time. The topic is "how to create efficient Expert Advisor with MT4". Do not forget to register before.


Nicolas Vitale
Owner of Trading Automatique and Automated Trading
Director of Alpha Novae Limited

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