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10 reasons to start trading with AlphaTrader 2.0



One of the most frequent question we are asked is of course "in what your platform, AlphaTrader, is different from the ones already out here".

AlphaTrader is of course different... It had to be different. It was the very reason of its creation. It was made in the only goal to solve the issues and limitations we had from what has been around for years.

We have been automating strategies for years, with "nearly" all existing platforms. "Nearly" because it is humanly impossible to try them all. More than the thousand of strategies, working with hundreds of different traders, from the individual traders to the asset managers, the hedge fund managers and investment bank traders. So believe me, we have been experiencing in great details all the good, the bad, and the ugly of what is around here. Technologically speaking first, and business speaking trading with broker dealers, ECNs/STP and exchanges DMA.

We had to create this platform to raise the quality of service we provide to our clients. Platform providers are now too much focusing on brokers, their true clients, or on retail beginer traders. Since the very first day, Alpha Novae has been focusing on Buy Side traders and AlphaTrader will not make any exceptions. And with these years of experience working closely with our clients, we had tu put this knowledge in a practical platform raising the standards of trading. We want to bring trading algorithms to Buy Side traders!

Let me give you 10 reasons to trade with AlphaTrader!

1- Reduce your transaction costs

2- Control and improve your execution

3- Be able to hedge and work in a Trade Centric environment with any FIFO broker/exchange.

4- Easily assist your one click manual trading with algorithms.

5- Semi-Automated trading is buit in the platform.

6- Platform specialized in automated trading.

7- Precisely monitor and manage your operational and financial risk.

8- Develop, protect or share your own algorithms and modules.

9- Ask and get what you need...

10- Invest in a new and innovative platform that will disrupt the existing standards.


1 - Reduce your transaction costs.

At Alpha Novae, we do not agree with the ones (in particular the broker...) explaining you that costs associated to each one of your trades are just a detail. In the long term, we know that costs often make the difference between a successful manager and a loosing one.

But let me detail you first what I consider as part of your transaction costs:

- market spreads
- commissions per volume executed (can be hidden into a spread markup with some brokers)
- latency based slippage
- liquidity based slippage (execution walking the book)
- ECN last look or dealer based slippages
- swap/overnight financing
- market impact / reaction

All traders focus on the spreads and the commissions, but the more active you are in frequency or in volume, the more you will be affected by the other factors.

AlphaTrader or more generally the 'Alpha In a Box' solution, aims at reducing as far as possible all the components of the costs.

How AlphaTrader reduces your costs:

I - market spreads: orders are sent to the first and currently only one exchange (MTF) for Spot Forex and CFDs: the LMAX Exchange. Liquidity Providers are directly competing on a central book with low latency access and no last look, allowing spreads to be as thin as possible.

Moreover AlphaTrader AlgoBox brings several algorithms to reduce the spread or being paid the spread thanks to:
- several algorithms to implement more or less passive liquidity providing tactics.
- multi-leg algorithm to reduce spread on exotic pairs. For exemple: NZDSGD = NZDUSD + USDSGD.

Thanks to its trade centric Virtual Order Manager layer allowing virtual hedging but netting positions, and AlphaTrader Internal Matching engine, it is even possible to open pairs of buy/short globally flat trades without paying any spread or commissions.

Lets imagine you have in your trade blotter the following trades:
- LONG 1 lot
- LONG 2 lots
- SHORT 3 lots
- SHORT 1 lot

Closing all, would end up:

- in MT4 you would pay: 1 + 2 + 3 +1 = 7 *(spread + commissions)
- in AlphaTrader you would pay only: -1 - 2 + 3 +1 = 1 *(spread + commissions)

A strategy opening a pair buy/sell totally hedged will cost 0 spread and 0 commissions on AlphaTrader.

II - commissions per volume executed: competitive transparent commissions ($/millions) with volume based discounts (cf our offer with the LMAX Exchange). As explained above, AlphaTrader allow also to open pairs of buy/short globally flat trades without paying any spread or commissions.

III - latency based slippages: with a roundtrip execution time in a few milliseconds thanks to a Direct Market Access to the central order book, slippages created by market movements during the time your orders take to hit the market can always happen but are very unlikely. AlphaTrader execution reports will notice you of any slippage.

In addition to that AlphaTrader AlgoBox proposes the "Sniping" algorithm for automated or manual trading, that will allow you to be sure to be executed without any slippages. Your order would be cancelled if slippage would happen.

IV - liquidity based slippages: thanks to our "Sniping" algorithm you can make sure to only hit the top of the book liquidity (available at best bid or ask). You can also create algorithms to control the slippage produced by walking the book or using fragmentation to let liquidity provider recharging their liquidity offering.

VI - ECN last look or dealer based slippages: AlphaTrader sending your order to an exchange where last look is not authorized, you will not experience extra slippage market is volatile. This is particularly important for any scalping or momentum based strategies. Being an exchange, obviously your orders will not be delayed or manipulated by dealer activities.

VII - swap/overnight financing: on daily overnight roll over, swap are exchanged and positions financed. Thanks to its trade centric Virtual Order Manager layer allowing virtual hedging but netting positions, your overnight financing charge will be reduced to its minimum amount. If you are long 1 lot and short 1 lot on the same instrument in same time, you will pay no financial charges.

Financing charge =  Notional value of your trade * Rate
With Rate = Swap rate + fee


- On MT4, you have 1 long Buy + 1 long Short + 1 long Buy.
-> 3 x fees

- on AlphaTrader, you have 1 long Buy + 1 long Short + 1 long Buy
-> position de 1 lot at LMAX
-> only 1 x fee to pay

VII - market impact / reaction: if you execute block trades, you could be impacted by market reactions during your trade execution and being gamed by predator algorithms. AlphaTrader allows to write any anti gaming algorithms to hide your intentions.



All these elements allow you to save points or pips to any of your trade.

Let say you can save an average of 0.25 pips (one quarter of pip) on each of your execution. Making 0.5 pips for a trade opened and closed. If you open and close daily 25 EURUSD trades of 1 lot, you will save: 25 trades * 20 days per month * 0.5 pips per roundtrip = 250 pips/month. Which makes 2500 dollars saved monthly on your trading if using 100 leverage!


2 - Control and improve your execution.

We could resume our main objective with "WYSIWYG". What You See Is What You Get. The prices you see are the one you can trade. These are the basis of a good execution.

AlphaTrader allows optimal executions thanks to :

- a low latency access. The need for speed is not about gaming other participants. Before all, speed is important... to get what you see.
- a level II data feed access, available visually but also to tactics and strategies, in order to be able to take into account liquidity concepts in algorithms
- the ability to write or use tailor made execution algorithms ('tactics'),  available to both automated and manual trader.
- DMA access with no last last look, neither dealer manipulations. At Alpha Novae, we believe our client should stop feeding the Broker/Liquidity Provider ecosystem at their expenses.

An optimal execution can also been measure in term of execution cost. See reason 1 above regarding this topic.

Level II Datafeed

AlphaTrader 2.0 orderbook


3 - Be able to hedge and work in a Trade Centric environment with any FIFO broker/exchange.

(currently with the LMAX Exchange)

A clear distinction is made between FIFO Position Centric platforms where hedging (being long and short) on the same instrument is not possible, and non FIFO Trade Centric platform where it is possible to have different long/short trades on the same instrument with different stop loss and take profit.

From experience we know that traders have their habits and their way to think the algorithms.  it is difficult to think in a Position centric way when you have been working for years in a Trade centric way. But is not only about habits and being lazy to change... Let's take the example of several strategies running in parallel for example on the LMAX Exchange.

How can we have two strategies being long for one with a specific stop loss and take profit, and short for the other with different associated stop loss and take profit? In a FIFO position centric environment it is not possible. You are flat you can not associate stop loss or take profits to a flat position.

Same problem if your strategy A is long 2 lots and Strategy B is short 1 lot. Your net position is long 1 lot and you can not associate to this short trade a specific stop loss or take profit.

The advantage of Trade Centric platform is to allow this kind of "hedging" and consequently all kind or combinations of trading strategies... while the advantage of Position Centric platform is to net positions and consequently reduciethe financing costs (cf overnight/financing costs above on reason 1).

AlphaTrader is proud to be a platform allowing both Trade Centric and Position Centric trading. Thanks to its Virtual Order Manager layer AlphaTrader can even emulate a Trade Centric environment with a FIFO venue such as the LMAX Exchange, allowing you to have the advantage of the position centric trading (smaller fees thanks to position netting) keeping the liberty of hedging in a Trade Centric environment.

As a consequence, any trading algorithms from any platform can be translated and imported into AlphaTrader.

Trade Centric Blotter
blotter AlphaTrader


4 - Easily assist your one click manual trading with algorithms.

At Alpha Novae, despite being trading automation experts, we understand that not everyone wants to trade fully automated. A lot of traders find their alpha, their edge, thanks to human driven trading. Discretionary trading or manual systematic trading with human validation.

To make manual trading easier, we created different one click order entry panels:

- one click order from charts
- the trade scalper, to work on trade centric environment or with tactics (for tactics see below)
- the position scalper
- the order book

Your trading strategy is certainly the basis of your success. But in today market, where volatility and speed are everywhere, computer assistance is also the key to survival and success.  We aim to associate your experience as a trader to the speed and power of the algorithms. To quote Sun Tzu in the Art of War: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory."

So in addition to the classical concepts of indicators or trading automates, we created the concept of tactics. Tactic are algorithms related to a specific trade or trading action, and can be automatically attached to all your trades, whatever if they are entered manually by the Trade Scalper or by strategy. They can be entry execution algorithms, or exit strategies. You choose to take an order, and the tactics will assist you to enter or exit the markets in the best possible conditions.

Tactics are loaded from AlphaTrader AlgoBox and can be out of the box or tailor made on demand (cf reason 9 below).

Above, on reason 1, we already discussed about the "Sniping" tactic or the Spread reduction ones. We could also evocate the pegging, layering or fragmentation algorithms, different kind of trailing stops, etc.

Efficient tactics are the key of your strategies success!

Trade Scalper with Tactic module attached

trade scalper AlphaTrader


5 - Semi-Automated trading is buit in the platform.

In addition of Automated Trading and Manual Trading, AlphaTrader proposes a Semi-Automated mode. You can develop strategies (automates) that will not send orders directly to the venue for execution. The orders generated will be visible on the Approval Blotter screen waiting for either cancellation or approval. If approved the order will be directly sent to the exchange.

The Semi-Automated trade workflow is fully integrated to the platform and does not require custom hacks. On a trade object, the Send() function will send to the venue for execution while SendtoApproval() will send the trade to the Approval blotter waiting for validation or cancellation.

This feature could be extended in the future to restrict access to members of your staff that could only propose trades while the accredited trader would validate or reject them.


6 - Platform specialized in automated trading

This platform have been built before all for automated/algorithmic trading. We created the module called AlgoNaute to make automated trading efficient and practical to monitor and support.

By default, strategies does not run on a chart in order not to waste important processing and memory power in 'useless' chart handling. However, in one click, it is possible to open the associated chart window of a strategy, that will automatically contain the indicators used and the strategy trades. Useful if you need to monitor the behavior of the strategy. It is also possible not to display indicators on a chart if you want to keep them private and confidential.

In one click it is also possible to start or pause each strategy individually, and associated PnL are directly visible.

Each strategy has associated dashboard that can be opened in one click and allowing you to monitor the strategy trades (pending and opened), position and its specific logs. The logs of each strategy are not mixed up on a central log to ease the process of monitoring and issues investigation. Each logs can be view through the platform or directly in a file saved on the disk.

Strategies can be restarted automatically at AlphaTrader start up, so if for any reason AlphaTrader is stopped and restarted you will not loose your current set up. Trading will resume as soon as AlphaTrader is back up. Your presence is not mandatory to realise a restart and resume automated trading.


AlgoNaute 2.0

AlphaTrader classifies algorithms in three categories:
- indicators. Mathematical computation that can be drawn on charts. for example: ATR, RSI, Bollinger, etc.
- tactics. Specific of AlphaTrader. Algorithms attached to a specific trade or a trade action. For example: Sniping, Layering, Pegging, Trailing Stop, Fragmentation, etc. When a trade dies, the tactics associated to this trade are deleted.
- strategies. Classical trading automates that can use indicators and tactics on trades.

It is possible to programm any kind of strategies in AlphaTrader because you can run them either in Trade Centric mode (like MT4 for exemple) or Position Centric mode (like MultiCharts for exemple).

AlphaTrader allows you to work with a standard and recognized professional development environment: Visual Studio 2010 C#. It is possible consequently to develop your own indicators, tactics, strategies or extra modules using Visual Studio Express 2010 edition.


7 - Precisely monitor and manage your operational and financial risk.

All is not just about speed, only. Speed without controls, monitoring, in a few words speed without stability is the best way to disappear from the markets.

Working as a circuit breaker, if enabled, AlphaTrader Risk Manager module allows you to precisely check your position and execution size, your execution frequency and your potential exposition including pending orders in order to avoid classical fat finger errors or algorithms running wild. In a few words, the Risk Manager could have saved 440 m$ to Knight Capital...

AlphaTrader Risk Manager can also acts like your guardian angel setting up a maximum daily loss or profit limit. it is also possible to trigger a trailing limit after a certain level of positive profit. Once the limit is reached, positions and trades are closed and the trading is disabled.



AlphaTrader can also of course send you emails and communicate logs on your own FTP. Ultimately, any kind of alerting system can be added directly in the code of your strategies.


8 - Develop, protect or share your own algorithms and modules.

AlphaTrader allows you to work with a standard and recognized professional development environment: Visual Studio 2010 C#. It is possible consequently to develop your own indicators, tactics, strategies or extra modules using Visual Studio Express 2010 edition.

The results are compiled into DLL that can be encrypted to protect your Intellectual Property rights.

And nothing prevents you to share them with the community when done! It is as simple as dropping a DLL in the AlgoBox folder.


9 - Ask and get what you need...

Before all, contrary to most of platform providers, from the beginning, we are true tailor made service providers to Buy Side traders. This has always been the core of our business, our values.

So if you have specific needs, our team of specialist is the best contact for help.

It can be about automating your strategies, developing a tactic or writing an indicator.
Or it can be about adding functionalities to the platform. AlphaTrader will evolve for you.

Free email quote for indicators, strategies or tactics here.
Hedge Fund Start Up consulting here.

Or just directly contact us by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


10 - Invest in a new and innovative platform that will disrupt the existing standards.

project was started because of the absence of accessible serious tools and platforms allowing us to propose a true professional environment to our clients. Cloning what already exists has no interest for us. With AlphaTrader, we aim to package together the best of the different platforms, associated to our in house innovations.

Our focus is not the marketting for the crowds, but serving the Buy Side traders giving them access to institutional yet accessible tools. We want to bring trading algorithms to Buy Side traders!

A bit of history:

AlphaTrader 1.0 was an Alpha Novae side project started in 2011 to answer some very specific client needs. AlphaTrader has been one of the first platform connected to the LMAX Exchange.

AlphaTrader 2.0 launched in mid 2013 is a complete redesign of the platform focusing on live trading: manual, semi automated or fully automated.

In addition of future regular "point" releases, our next main milestone is AlphaTrader 3.0 which will put focus on backtesting and optimization. Some hints of our objectives. We target to take into account order book liquidity in our backtesting to modelize realistic slippages. We will provide also the ability to write your own fitness function to class the results of backtests and optmisations.

AlphaTrader 2.0 is just the beginning of a long road. A lot of work have been done since the very first lines of codes, but much more is waiting to be done.

AlphaTrader Purchase


Different AlphaTrader Editions comparaison:


AlphaTrader Lite AlphaTrader Classic AlphaTrader Pro
Manual Trading:
Yes Yes Yes
One click trading on charts
Yes Yes Yes
Indicators on charts
Yes Yes Yes
Scalper Trade Centric
Yes Yes Yes
Scalper Position Centric
Yes Yes Yes
Level II datafeed
Yes Yes Yes
Order Book Trade Entry
Yes Yes Yes
Internal Matching
Yes Yes Yes
Direct Market Access
Yes Yes Yes
Automated Trading:
Running strategies
No Yes Yes
Running tactics
No Yes Yes
Semi-Automated Trading
No Yes Yes
Development environment
No Yes Yes
Extra Execution Algorithms
No No Yes
Yes Yes Yes
FIX Connectors
No No Yes
Connector on demand
No No Yes
Dedicated priority support
No No Yes
Development support
No On Website Personal
Development service
No Limited Free quote Free quote
Automate conversion*
No On quote Free
Training Webinar
No Limited Free Access Free
Requesting functionalities
No Need community backup
Requests prioritized


AlphaTrader Purchase plans* :


AlphaTrader Lite:

- Free with a LMAX account opened with Alpha Novae.
- Currently only available for Alpha Novae introduced LMAX account holders. For other users, please upgrade to AlphaTrader classic edition.


AlphaTrader Classic:

- 99 GBP/month  or 499 GBP/6 months or 899 GBP/year.
- Credit* based on volumes if the LMAX Exchange account is opened with Alpha Novae.

* AlphaTrader Classic can be free of charge depending on your monthly volume traded. First period payment is required then following payments will be amended with a credit based on volume traded. The credit will depend of your actual commission plan agreed with the LMAX Exchange and the volume you traded. For example, on a classical commission plan, if you trade a volume notional of 20 million $ monthly, AlphaTrader classic can be free for you. 1 standard lot EURUSD opened and closed corresponds to 250k $.

* This credit offered to Alpha Novae LMAX account holders, may be amended or cancelled in the future by Alpha Novae.

AlphaTrader Pro:

- 999 GBP/month
- 9999 GBP/year

For any questions, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Our team is fluent in english, french and chinese.
For purchase, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


*Please note that these current Terms & Conditions may change anytime without notice. However, changes will not affect periods already paid.

AlphaTrader 2.0 coming soon...

AlphaTrader 2.0, coming son...

Official public launch on the 23rd and 24th of Mai in Paris at Le Salon des Marchés Financiers.




AlphaTrader 2.0

AlphaTrader Risk Manager


AlphaTrader Risk Manager allows the user to activate sanity tests in order to reduce the operational risk associated with automated or manual trading: fat fingers trade, looping orders, etc.

If activated, the Risk Manager will check the validity of any orders before passing them to the market.

Size Max is the size maximum authorized for an order.

Position Max is the position maximum authorized on the market for a given instrument.

Instruments.Filter.txt gives the user the ability define the list of instruments authorized for trading. If the files contains the following, only trading on EURUSD and USDJPY will be authorized.


AlphaTrader 1.0

AlphaTrader is a trading platform connected to LMAX exchange servers. The platform permits to send orders with speed on all the instruments proposed by LMAX. Contrary to classical trading platforms, AlphaTrader focuses on low latency and efficient order execution. With the opportunity to take position in milliseconds, AlphaTrader opens new horizon for individual and professional traders.




To be viewed in HD qnd full screen:


points importants

The scalper is a tool that allows taking position on the market in one click.


The blotter allows to have an overview of all your position on the market and permits to quickly close a position in one click.


Time And Sales window allows you to access information about trade executed in real time in the exchange.



The DOM displays the order book and permits one click entry on market and limit orders.



AlgoNaute is the AlphaTrader module for automated trading. Our programming service can develop and encrypt your strategies. We offer 20% of discount on our services for clients opening a real account with to LMAX through this offer.

Bridge MT4-LMAX


The bridge MT4-LMAX permits to replicate orders from a MT4 terminal to your LMAX account. This allows you to use your classical MT4 EA strategies on LMAX. When you (or your EA’s) open a position on MT4, the same position is taken on LMAX. It is working with real or demo MT4 account.

Position of AlphaTrader

position of Alphatrader


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